About Us - Make Kids Smile

Grassroots hyper-local Toronto charitable initiative to raise money to purchase, gift wrap and personally deliver holiday gifts - toys and "stuff" for kids, youth and teens in Toronto.

Holiday Gifts for refugee and underprivileged kids / youth & teens in Toronto shelters and under-served local families.

This initiative is a passion project of Sepi Madani, colleagues, friends and the team at Stream Commerce (a Shopify Plus Consultancy).

Within a few days last week Sepi personally raised over four thousand dollars from colleagues, friends and family. Now the Stream Commerce team is getting behind our colleague and supporting Sepi and his friends with this meaningful charitable initiative.

Sepi’s family immigrated to Canada in 2000 when he was in Grade 3. He is a passionate patriotic Canadian entrepreneur who is looking to help new immigrant families and under-served families. To demonstrate to them Canadian kindness. Especially after the challenging year in 2020.

Sepi enjoyed welcome arms and big smiles when he first arrived in Canada. It has been something he has always wanted to do. To give back. To show the same kindness and Canadian generosity to others, the generosity he personally experienced. The giving Canadian multi-cultural way that sets us apart in the world. Non-denominational, inclusive -- regardless of race, colour, background or religion - Canadian generosity no matter who you are or where you came from. 

Personally demonstrating it through wrapping the gifts himself (with friends) and personally delivering them to kids in Toronto. 

100% of proceeds (less the Shopify Payments credit card processing fee of ~3%) will be used to purchase gifts for the holiday.

We will personally be hand wrapping all of the gifts and personally delivering them to kids in our community.

One gift = One smile.

The plan is:

  1. To raise as much money as possible - thank you for your support!
  2. Seek support from local and national retailers and brands to purchase toys, books, and gifts (all donations of NEW product welcome as well):
> Scholastic Canada is first on-board to support - thank you!

3. The goal is to purchase and collect as many gifts and toys as possible.

One toy = one smile

4. We will by hand gift wrap all of the gifts.

5. We will personally deliver each gift.

We plan to document as much of the activity as possible on video so all the donors can see and even use it in any social media campaigns as they wish!

We will show receipts for all the purchases.



PLEASE NOTE: This is a grassroots initiative*.

We are passionate novices at this and trying our best to make the greatest impact and make the most smiles in a short amount of time.

We are not a registered charity so we are not in a position to issue tax receipts. Hopefully we will have that in place next year.

100% of proceeds (less the Shopify Payments processing cost ~3%) will be used to purchase gifts for local Toronto kids, youth and teens.

Every donation counts, no matter the size. We appreciate all support both in $'s so we can purchase gifts and in-kind donations of brand new products and Gift Cards appropriate for holiday gifts for kids, youth and teens. 

*A grassroots movement uses the people in a community as the basis for an economic movement. Grassroots movements and organizations use collective action from the local level to affect change at the local, national, or international level.